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Here are all the possible boosters on

Publish your classified ads with ease.

The process is simple. After creating your account, just click on the button at the top right of the main page "Post an ad". Then let yourself be guided. Remember to select the main category and the subcategory carefully, otherwise users will never find your ad. Once published, our teams approve it after verification.

In the majority of cases, we approve or reject the ad within the day. Make sure your ad appears in your personal space under the "Pending" menu. If your advertisement does not appear in the Waiting menu, it is because you have not published it until the end or you have not proceeded to payment. Once approved, the ad appears under the "My Ads" menu.

Once your ad is published, from your personal space you can boost it with the options below.


A Lift-UPallows an Ads to appear at the top of the listing as if it had just been published. The Lift-UP will be effective as soon as the purchase of the option is finalized. However, ads published just after your ads will obviously appear before in the list.

    • Lift-UP every day for a week.
    • Lift-UP every day for two weeks.
    • Lift-UP every 3 days for two weeks.
    • Lift-UP every week for a month.
    • Lift-UP every week for two months.

The lift will be effective for the duration mentioned. However, it obviously cannot be extended beyond the duration of the ad with which it is associated. If an option is subscribed for an advertisement which itself has been subscribed in a Monthly Package, the option will then be valid for the duration specified in the option. If an Advertiser deletes an Ad, all options attached to this ad will be lost and no refund can be made or requested.

OPTIONS: Add a Logo

Logos, some times called banners are a great way to give a good visibility to your Ads

Colors in the pictures below or specified in the text might be changed without notice.

    • URGENT: to be used when the seller needs to sell a product urgently. Cannot be used as part of a Service. (red background)
    • PRESTIGE: reserved for the real estate category. To be used for prestigious real estate products.
    • EXCLUSIVE: reserved for the real estate category. To be used only by professionals who have signed an exclusive agreement with the owner.
    • NEW: Can be used by all new products.
    • INVESTOR: Can be used in the Real Estate and Services category in the context of investment by professionals. (example Purchase of business, equipment),
    • UNIQUE: Can be used in the context of a unique property in real estate (such as a castle, or a prestigious residence) or in the Fashion category .
    • OFF PLAN: For unfinished properties sold off plan.

Colors in the pictures below or specified in the text might be changed without notice.

OPTIONS: Premium Carousel

With the option, PREMIUM Carousel" you can add your Ad in the "Carousel" on the front page. Ads in the carousel appear on the Main Page in scrolling mode. Users will see Premium Listings that are around the nearest town. Ads in the Carousel appear randomly when accessing the site. When you post an ad with the "Premium Carousel" option it appears in the space shown in the image below.